Poster Competition

Poster presentations are well known to appeal to a much larger audience and invite more discussion and inputs from the delegates. IConS does not include free paper presentations. Here are guidelines for the Poster sessions


  1. Poster themes can include Research, Service delivery, Training programmes or Case reports in mental health.
  2. If there are areas , other than those listed, they may be considered if in keeping with the theme of the conference
  3. The poster should not have been presented or published elsewhere.
  4. The presenting author should be a registered delegate of the Conference
  5. The certificate for the poster presentation will only be issued in the name of the presenting author.


  1. Complete abstracts have to be submitted ONLINE ONLY to the Scientific committee of the conference by 15th July 2018. Email, postal or hand delivered abstracts will not be accepted
  2. Abstracts must be in English. Abbreviations may be used only if they are defined (spelled out in full text at first mention) followed by abbreviation in brackets.
  3. The abstract must not exceed 250 words (count does not include title or authors).
  4. The abstract must not contain bibliographical references, tables, diagrams or appendices.
  5. Abstracts must be presented in headed paragraphs as follows:
    • The title of the abstract must be strictly coherent with the data included in the abstract and the conclusions must be warranted by information included in the results section.
    • Research abstracts must contain : Background, Aims and hypothesis, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. Data-based abstracts must provide results
    • Case studies: Short descriptive title, short introduction to explain the relevance of the case, case description sequenced in order and clinical implications
    • Other topics : Background, methods and implications
  6. Research posters should present novel findings or new interpretations of existing data.
  7. The authors should ensure the work was conducted with appropriate ethical safeguards. Submissions are accepted on the understanding that the work has been performed with the permission of any relevant ethical committees.
  8. All abstracts will be scrutinised by the scientific committee. Authors whose submissions are accepted for presentation will be informed by the 1st August 2018.

Poster Presentation

  1. Each poster should measure 122 CM height by 92 CM (4 feet height by 3 feet length approx) (Portrait style) .
    Each poster should be in the following formats

    • Title
    • Names of the authors (the name of the presenting author should be underlined)
    • Institutional affiliation
    • Main text: as described for the abstracts.
  2. Suggested font type and size : We recommend using the following font and font size:
    • Type of font: Arial
    • Title: At least 36 points.
    • Headings: 30 points or more.
    • Text: At least 24 points.
  3. Avoid crowding of text, data and figures. Illustrations and tables should be easily readable.
  4. All sources of financial sponsorship of the study should be stated in the poster.
  5. No commercial activities/interests/ advertising in any form should be displayed on the posters. Non-compliance with this rule will result in the poster being removed.
  6. Authors can give printed hand outs related to the poster to the delegates.  Authors may provide sign-up sheets for attendees who may request additional information, reprints, etc. The conference organisers will not provide copying/printing facilities.
  7. Each poster session author will be provided with a poster board area and mounting pins. The board will indicate the poster number.  Authors are responsible for mounting their posters the morning of their presentation and removing them as soon as the session ends. Posters left past that time will be disposed of. There are no facilities for electronic display of posters.
  8. Specific poster viewing times will be scheduled each day. Authors will be advised in advance of the day their poster is scheduled for presentation.
  9. Request for change of dates will have to be made well in advance (2 weeks) prior to the conference dates. No change will be considered for requests made within 2 weeks of the conference.
  10. Presenters benefit best if they are present during their allotted poster display time.

Best Poster Awards

IConS will present Best Poster Award for four posters (two for research and two for the other categories together).
To be eligible for the award

  • The delegate must indicate interest in participating in the competition, after receiving confirmation of acceptance of abstract , by EMAIL by 7th August 2018
  • The Scientific committee must receive an e-copy of the final poster by 15th August 2018. The poster presented at the conference should not vary from the e-copy sent.
  • The adjudicating judges will require one of the authors to be available at the poster.
  • The award certificate will only be issued to the presenting author.

Please note that we are unable to return posters to presenters if they are left behind at the end of the meeting.

In case of an error in submission, kindly contact