International Conference on Schizophrencia

Oct 26, Friday – Oct, 28 Sunday, 2012

ICONS V had a total number of 449 delegates from 20 countries , other than India. They were Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Hongkong , India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA

The Plenary speakers were well known researchers who had abundant expertise in their specific areas and had widely published over several decades. These lectures were well received. The speakers included Assen Jablensky, Ashok Malla, Anand Pandurangi, S P Sashidharan, Kim Meuser, Susan McGurke, Craig Morgan, Tanya Luhrmann, Lynn De Lisi, Wolfgang Flieschhacker Bryan Mowry and Bruce Link

The wide range of topics in the symposia included phenomenology, etiology (genetics) outcome, challenges in management, psychosocial intervention, stigma

This conference provided the opportunity for many young researchers to present their research. There were 16 applications for the Young Researcher awards by researchers under the age of 35 years. A transparent assessment process, involving judges from outside the organization was used , to ensure fairness in the selection process.

Eighty five abstracts were received for poster presentation. This year an eposter format was adopted which did not meet with much enthusiasm.

The theme for ICONS V was “Working towards recovery”


  • Jablensky A. (Australia): The disease entity in psychiatry – fact or fiction?
  • Robin Murray (UK): Is schizophrenia a neuro-socio developmental disorder?
  • Kim.T.Mueser & Susan McGurck (USA): Current Status and Future Directions of Cognitive Remediation for Schizophrenia
  • Lynn De Lisi (USA): The Genetics of Schizophrenia: Accumulated Data and future prespectives
  • S.P.Sashidharan (U.K.) : Transferability of community mental health programmes between different countries: challenges and opportunities.
  • Graham Thornicroft (U.K): Is stigma a demand-side barrier to access to care?
  • Ashok Malla (Canada): Specialized Early Intervention: How long is long enough?
  • Ananda Pandurangi (USA): Antipsychotic Polypharmacy- Rationale For and Against the Practice.
  • Persistent Symptoms, Cognition and Functional Outcome in Early Phase of Psychosis – Eileen Joyce, Srividya Iyer, John Lyne, Eric Chen
  • Precursors and co-morbidities in Psychotic disorders – Mathew Large, Ridha Joober, Suresh Kumar, Clifford Cassidy
  • Auditory Hallucinations – Tanya Luhrmann, Padmavati, Frank Laroi, Richard Bentall
  • Metabolic Abnormalities and Schizophrenia – Jagadeesha, Venkatasubramaniam, Shivrama Varambally
  • Dealing with stigma – Mirja Koschkorke, RSMurthy, Santosh Loganathan, Larry Yang
  • Clinical Dilemmas – Anoop Sankarnarayana, Tirupati Srinivasan, Geetha Desai, Jagadeesha
  • International perspectives in early intervention for psychoses- an update – Eric Chen, Swaran Singh, Srividya Iyer
  • On COPSI study (Community care for People with Schizophrenia in India) – Graham Thornicroft, Sudipto Chatterjee
  • On INTREPID study ( India, Nigeria, Trinidad: Researching Psychosis In Diverse Settings) – Craig Morgan, Alex Cohen, Oye Gureje, Gerard Hutchinson, R.Thara

  • Community Mental Health –Wickramasinghe, Shoba Raja, Hamid Dhabolkar
  • Biological aspects – Smita Deshpande, Peter McKenna, Edith Pomarol
  • Therapies – Sandeep Grover, Greg Whelan, Ganesan Doraisamy
  • First episode Psychoses – Helen Herman, Vinod Srihari, Anthony Henderson
  • Role of caregivers and peers – Mohan Isaac, Ajith Avasthi, Hari Subramanium
  • Recovery – Ellen Corrin, Anuradha Sovani, Rickard Fardig
  • Pathways to care – Param Kulhara, J K Trivedi , Athula Samathipala
  • Social Cognition in schizophrenia – B.N.Gangadhar, Urvakhsh M Mehta, Behere Hrishikesh
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy For Psychosis: Effectiveness And Neural Correlates – Veena Kumari, Preethi Premkumar
  • Other symposium speakers – Samuel Okpakau, Robert Drake, K.S.Jacob, Kim Hopper, Jo Phelan.


Working towards a national policy for psycho-social Rehabilitation

  • chair: Kim Mueser
  • panelists : Susam McGurck, Robert Drake, T.Murali, S. Kalyansundaram, Soumitra Pathare, Christina George

‘Evidence Based medicine: Can we trust evidence? Finding and using evidence that we can trust’

  • PrathapTharyan, Mohan Raj

Media & Mental Health

  • Mohan Agashe , Mitchell Weiss



Co-organizer: Dr.Ashok Malla, Douglas Hospital and Research Centre, Montreal, Canada

In partnership with the Schizophrenia International Research Society (SIRS)